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Monday, November 23, 2009

Midlife crisis

Writing for Brunch, the Hindustan Time's Sunday magazine on November 1, Seema Goswami propounded an interesting theory on Midlife Crisis.
"It is not so much panic engendered by the thought of what you haven't achieved (and are now unlikely to) half-way through your life. It's actually angst, kicked off by envy about all that your peers have managed to accomplish in the same period."
While I was still reading the piece, an woman friend of mine pooped up a question, "Why it is always the middle-aged man who develop huge crush on women much younger to them?"
I think, I have a take on both of these issues. Hope it will be interesting reading considering the fact that I am also a middle-aged man sometimes having crush on younger women. Wait till I find my Muse.

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