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Monday, February 22, 2010

Falling in love again

The subject line of the message in the inbox released a surge of hormones in his bloodstream. The mail read, "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post". He was now trembling and breathing very fast. He hurriedly opened his blog while his hands were shaking. The comment from the anonymous reader was only two words - Love it.
Well, people do read my blog, he thought. But, who is this anonymous reader? Is it a He or a She?
Office was mundane, but he was happy. Nothing could interest him, though he was excited. His colleagues found him absorbed in his own thoughts and totally de-linked from his surroundings. He faltered many a time during the day, yet he was whistling.
Only a few days ago, he was telling his friends about the mid-life crisis, he was going through. An empty feeling inside; feeling unwanted, worthless; a life gone waste. He was depressed.
Today was different. He was imagining and creating the shape of his his reader – the anonymous one. Is she twenty-something or thirty-something? He was quite sure by now that it was a ‘she’. Or else why the comment would be so short, almost cryptic?
He was wondering if he would know her identity ever. May be she would post more comments in his blog in the coming days. May be she would reveal her identity one day. May be they would start corresponding directly through e-mail.
May be she is lonely, alone, single. And who knows she may start liking his posts so much that she would find it difficult not to read his blog even for one day. And then she may start missing him. How would she look - beautiful, average or sexy?
The long and exciting day wound its way finally to bedtime. He was collecting his thoughts lying flat on his back because he was too excited to go to sleep. He needs to calm down, relax and then try to go to sleep. It struck him suddenly like a bolt from blue.
His wife was besides him when he first opened the mail in the morning. In his excitement he had totally forgot her first reaction. She had asked naively, as if she was surprised, "Is it so that always a comment left in your blog is notified in your mail?" Why did she ask? Why was she surprised?
And then as sun slowly fills up earth with its light at the dawn, removing unknown darkness, making everything clearly visible, it became clear to him in an instant. She has been married to the man she loves for the last ten years and she knew him perfectly well to understand how happy would he be to know that people read his blog and like it. So, she left the anonymous comment on the blog and thought he would not realize it.
The racing bloods in his veins reacted to this dawn quite predictably and he became calm and sober now. However, he will not be able to sleep tonight. As a completely different set of hormones were released to his bloodstream, he realized he has fallen in love again - with the same woman with whom he had fallen in love sixteen years ago - his wife.