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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Wonderful Hues of Sunset

Artists say, that the most vibrant and most diverse hues in nature are seen in the sky and on objects reflecting sunlight only at the sunset. These hues are the most difficult to capture - whether on canvas or with camera. For centuries, it has remained a challenge for artists - painters and photographers - to capture the enormous beauty of the most amazing colours of sun's ray refracting through the stratosphere. Invariably, what you get is a poor replica of what you see. The real scene often eludes you.

Thus, it is almost impossible to show others what you have seen at the sunset. It is always you, and only you, who can see it the way you see it. Is it so then, that the sunset is only yours? In a way, yes. You alone can fathom the unearthly beauty of a gorgeous sunset, see it with your eyes and store it in your mind. So, take time out to see the sunset someday. Otherwise, you will miss something which actually is only for you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Every man is an island

How does one describe happiness? What makes us feel happy? Can the same thing that makes me happy make you happy too? Does it need efforts to be happy? Is it difficult to be happy?

I was watching a World Cup match at home a few weeks ago. Interestingly, unlike many other women my wife has interest in football. It was an exhilarating and enjoyable match…extremely thrilling football. I wanted my wife to be a company in watching the match. I did tell her to come and watch the match. But, she had other works…other priority. So, it was me alone watching the match. I could have told her how badly I wanted her company, but decided against it.

You must be wondering about my logic! Well, she is another individual. If she has other priorities, it is my responsibility to respect it. It’s not only my want that is important, her desire is equally important too. I know, when she reads this she would say I should have told her. Women are like that. They want to be conquered, vanquished; they want to be told. You will have to tell her that you love her. May be you express it every moment hundred other way, yet she needs spoken confirmation. Nevertheless, I felt happy watching the game. I would have been happier had she given me company. You see, it is not difficult to be happy.

Did you ever felt like me? Did you have ever experienced the frustration when the only desire you have is to talk your heart out, but the person you want to talk to is too busy with other issues. At some point of time every man is an island…. surrounded by a sea of people. But, gradually one learns to enjoy life alone, with himself. The actual problem starts then when all you need to be happy is yourself.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Chota Bhim's 'bada' message

Last Saturday was different from other Saturdays. I had to watch a very popular animation series called Chota Bhim in POGO channel along with my son. It was his favourite show and he wanted company. So, there I was munching popcorns and watching Chota Bhim with my five-year-old son.

For those who have not been initiated yet - Chota (small) Bhim is a character taken out of context from Indian epic Mahabharata. In the animation series, he resides in Dholakpur, which is complete with a King, his subjects and many other popular characters from animation world. The series is a hotchpotch of various popular animation characters taken out of their context and placed in an imaginary yet contemporary kingdom of Dholakpur. For example, trains do ply in Dholakpur where Bhim becomes superman whenever he eats his special Laddo (a kind of sweet). May be because of this highly imaginary yet contemporary touch, children like it most.

This, however, is not the reason why I am writing this post.

The episode that I was watching had an archery competition in the storyline. While the animation characters including Chota Bhim prepares for taking part in the competition, Kalia - one of the characters always in conflict with Chota Bhim - takes out a bow and arrow. I was shocked when Kalia started to to boast his capabilities saying, "maine yeh Dhanush Assam se laya hun, yeh Bhim ko Assam pahucha dega (I have brought this Bow & Arrow from Assam, this will send Bhim to Assam)".

It will be easy for my readers, who are from Assam, to understand my shock. For others, let me explain. Assam is not particularly famous for bows and arrows like deep jungles of Africa. There are four functional airports (one of them being an international one), almost all nooks and corners of Assam have been connected with railways, there are eight national highways running through Assam, there are two central universities and three state universities in Assam, people live in cities, towns & villages wearing clothes (not barks), there are six telecomm companies offering mobile services in Assam (including Blackberries)and the literacy rate of the state is almost equal to the national average.

The fact that I am writing this post in English and posting it over Internet alone may not be convincing enough to allay fears of bow-welding bark-wearing Cannibal roaming around in Assam. But the information provided above should be.

I have nothing to complain about the idiotic ignorance and absolute lack of interest of people of Indian mainland in Assam and Northeast, its people, its geography, history and culture. I also have nothing to say about the greed of this people when it comes to the 10% central fund specifically kept aside for the Northeast.

But, I do feel hot blood rushing through my veins with hatred capable of turning it into venom when I see these morons corrupting thousands of lakhs of young brains around the country with half-backed nonsense like the one propagated through popular animation films like Chota Bhim. Its a different case not knowing, and an altogether different one telling what you do not know.