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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To Anonymous

Anonymous left a comment to one of my earlier posts (Every man is an island).
"happiness is like the horizon.. yu can see it ..never reach. while you are in that happy moment, you may not recognize it... buit live life and do things that make you happy.Do you know what makes your wife happy? do you know what makes you happy?"

I find it thrilling to receive anonymous comments,find it exhilarating to the point of being surreal. The comments themselves are not the reasons for my exhilarations, but the realisation that someone I do not know or someone who does not want me to know has thought it important to leave a comment gives me adrenalin shots. In fact, I had written earlier about such an exciting experience in my blog. Dear anonymous, you can read it here.

So, I start here with a big thank you to "Anonymous". That means you have to read on, anonymous. As I just wrote, comments are mostly not the reason for my being overwhelmed; but this time it was an exception.

I am not sure about happiness (that's why I wrote that piece). But, I am sure about it when I feel it. I could not quite convince myself to accept the allegory of happiness being the horizon. I rather think it is like the other side of the river - you can look at it only from the other side. However, you sure can cross the river to reach it. And for that all you need are - will, skill and eyesight. You can learn to be happy, the way you learn not to fall from your bicycle. You just need to look for those little symptoms, faint signals that are precursor to happiness. With some practice, you will be able to forecast when happiness is coming to you. You know, I can feel it right now, because I know once I finish writing this post, I'll be happy.

You can also learn to be happy alone if you fail to have the chance of being happy in other's company, because you hardly have any other option left to you. It is our destiny to avoid being sad or indifferent. Life's dictate is to try to be happy. You learn to be happy alone and you become an island. That's when the danger creeps in. The day you learn to be happy alone you will be encapsulated within yourself. Nobody can ever touch you again.

Dear anonymous, I know what makes me happy. And I also know what makes my wife happy. Will you please tell her that? Or at least tell her to read my posts? That will make me happy.

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  1. Dear Jayanta, when i say that happiness is like the horizon, I mean - not many of us realize that we are part of the horizon, and yet it seems so distant. and yes, i will surely ask mimi to read your posts