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Monday, June 23, 2008

40 plus

I have become 41 year old on May 28 last year. Celebrated my big day with my family, and from next day started to live the mundane daily life of a 40-year-old again. On 28 May this year, I unceremoniously became a 42-year-old and from next day onward started to live the same life again - where everything runs exactly as before and nothing changes.
Each day of my life is unequally divided among my office, my child, my acquaintances, my home and my wife - in that order - and there is no time left for myself except the time I sleep, eat and attend to the calls of nature. I have a happy wife, a normal active child, a home, a car and a steady job. I have no chronic disease and can eat whatever is on offer. I am not running much on debt except for the home loan and the car loan which can be taken care of from my insurance in the event of my death. People generally do not bother about me as I do not about them.
There is not much left for me to demand from life. Or is it so?
There are a lot of sayings on 40-years olds. Some say, "Life begins at 40". Does it? I have been past 40 for two years; life has not began yet here. It has been years since I enjoyed the luxury of sitting on that piece of rock in the nearby hillock looking at the evening sun going down over the hills at dusk without worrying about how much time I had already spent or without worrying about returning home. It had been even more years since going to the market without any particular purpose in mind except to gaze at people, mainly beautiful girls and spend hours at end to return home empty handed. I do not remember when did for the last time I had been to a cinema hall all alone. I also do not remember when was the last time that I had played football.
The world around me grew older, so did my son, my parents and I. The sun still goes down over the hill at dusk, only I keep on woryying about getting home soon.

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