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Monday, June 23, 2008

It happened again!!

This is what happens to me always.On second thought, this is what I do to myself always.
When I started this blog two years ago, the thoughts that I had in my mind were incoherent, illogical and totally unorganised. I wanted to think straight, wanted to do something to drive away my blues and thought writing for me and for all would be a good proposition. I started this blog as if it was a great project and ...then forgot about it.
For the last two years it was simply a Bookmark in my web browser, nothing else. Then, sometime last year (I do not even remember clearly; I have to see my blog to remember the date), I posted another on Public Relations. To be honest the piece I wrote on Public Relations was not the result of much creativity or labour.
So, the moot point here is that what I planned two years ago did not happen! Like every other venture in my life this also went down the oblivion..unnoticed.

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