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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cry baby

"They write whatever they feel or think, they never bother to confirm from me. They write all kinds of imaginary things. They are ruining the image of my organization and putting my job at stake".
This was not a cry baby, but a grown up government public relations personnel. He was lamenting on media people writing all kinds of stories which had little facts and a lot of imagination. "What can I do?", was all he could manage to say.
What he (and lot of other PR professional in similar places) fail to realize is that newspapers has at least 60,000 square centimeter of space to fill everyday. They need news that can be written about; that can fill up space. Simple "yes" or "no" does not take much of a space. If you say nothing, they will "find" something to write and print. That may be imagination, hearsay, trash or pure misrepresentation of facts.
If you do not say enough for mediamen to write and fill up ample spaces, you really do not have much to complain about. Give them a lot to write, they will write what you say. They will not resort to inventing news if they do not have to. For a better PR, please speak.

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