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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holy cow!

Sashi Tharoor has been reportedly asked by Madam Soniaji to stop his controversial comments on twitter. Amid the hue and cry created by several people in the Congress, who would like to see Tharoor going out of the Ministry, and the helping accomplices in the form of media, the beginning of this controversy(?)has dissolved into the backdrop. While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called it a joke, Tharoor has tried to downplay the entire issue by saying that many had misunderstood what he wanted to say. Poor Tharoor! It is understood that he wants to stick to his position as State Minister in External Affairs ministry, even though he has to travel economy class and stay in less than five-star comfort. So he tried to pacify the agitated Holy Cows by providing a new meaning to what he said. But for all of those who wants to remember for a long time what exactly happened, here is how the controversy started -
A reporter asked him in Twitter "Are you traveling cattle class?". Tharoor replied "Yes, in cattle class in solidarity with the Holy Cows"
So, what was wrong in that twit? Anybody with a little sense of humour would have replied the same way as Tharoor did. And the 'cattle class' was not invented by Tharoor, it was put on his mouth (sorry, in his twit) by the reporter. It was a loaded question and Tharoor succumbed to it. That's it.
Tharoor could have said this instead of me. But, you know, I do not run the risk of loosing the External Affairs Ministry.

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