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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A full kiss: So essential

Next time your wife (or girlfriend) is ready to conceive a child, make sure to kiss her. A full mouth-to-mouth kiss, I mean. I may sound too practical and unromantic. But, in a report published last week, The Daily Telegraph has, somewhat taken the romance away from the heavenly lip lock.
Researcher Colin Hendrie from the University of Leeds, writing in the journal Medical Hypotheses, said the gesture transmits a germ called Cytomegalovirus from a man to a woman triggering her immune system to develop protection against it. This virus is found in saliva and normally causes no problems. But, it can be extremely dangerous if it becomes active during pregnancy and can kill unborn babies or cause birth defects.
So, kissing women mouth-to-mouth is actually ensuring protection to her and her unborn baby. How unromantic!
Colin is even more hard hitting. He wrote, “Female inoculation with a specific male’s Cytomegalovirus is most efficiently achieved through mouth-to-mouth contact and saliva exchange, particularly where the flow of saliva is from the male to the typically shorter female.” He says, kissing the same person for about six months provides the best protection. As the relationship progresses and kisses become more passionate, the woman’s immunity builds up reducing possibility of her falling ill, The Daily Telegraph wrote. By the time she becomes pregnant, the odds of her unborn baby becoming infected are much lower.

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