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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Males do feel pain

Australian economist Paul Frijters has put a price on happiness and sadness - emotions we considered invaluable so far. He studied about 10,000 people since 2001 to arrive at a calculation that says:
Marriage is worth about Rs. 13.87 lakh to a man and a mere Rs. 6.93 lakh for a woman.
Divorce makes a man feel he has lost Rs. 47.40 lakh, while woman feels a loss of Rs. 3.85 lakh.
Birth of a child gives a man Rs. 13.87 lakh worth of happiness, while woman gets happiness worth of Rs. 3.85 lakh only.
The death of a partner or child makes a man sad by worth Rs. 2.6 crore, while the loss is worth Rs. 56.22 lakh for woman.
Would you still say, "Mard ko dard nahin hota?"(The male does not feel the pain?)
P.S. Rs. 10 lakh = Rs. 1 million; Rs. 1 crore = Rs. 100 lakh.
(The above information is taken from December 4 issue of OPEN)

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