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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

To Nilakshi without malice

Nilakshi Kalita was hurt, read her comment.
It was not intended from my side. I think she did not get me correct, so this is for her - a clarification; without any malice.
I am happy that India won World Cup title. I was happy when India did in 1983 and I will be happy whenever India do it again. I salute sucess. But, I am not happy that the Indian team is selected not by India, but by an association called BCCI.
I am not happy that BCCI is headed by a politician, not a sportsman. I am not happy that Alimuddin (hypothetical) do not get a chance to play for India even if he is more talented then the ones that play for BCCI (you can find hundreds of Alimuddin in our country). He can play for India if only BCCI decides so. And the money BCCI makes in the game is not India's money, its BCCI's. I am unhappy that the game is controlled by a club, and the club is controlled by politicians.(read the Asian Games controversy when BCCI refused to send a cricket team that we identify as Indian team to Asian Games)
I am happy for Dhoni, happy for the glory he has achieved, happy for the glory he has apparently bestowed on 111 crore Indians. But, I am unhappy for the politicians trying to rub off part of that glory to themselves. I am unhappy that the Indian Railway, which reportedly once rejected Dhoni and refused him a job in the Railways under sports quota, is now offering him passes that he does not possibly need. And it was given real quickly, lest the limelight fades away.
Money is nothing but a gesture through which the politicians try to bask in the reflected glory of the Sportstars.
The final match was reportedly watched by two billion eyes (give or take a few lakhs considering some people have one good eye). When Ravi Shastri announced rupees one crore each for the players and rupees 50 lakhs to others by BCCI, the club was poorer by around 30 crores. If today BCCI has to catch two billion eyes and goodwill of one billion people, it would have shell out more than 100 crores of rupees in advertisements. So, it was a cheap deal for BCCI. Nilakshi would probably know better.
I know people refused to pay money to Mahadeb Deka for his passage to California before he become World Champion in Musle Mania, because he told me that. He had traveled to Delhi by train (possibly would have without reservation if I had not known him)because he wanted to save whatever money he had. The same people had given him gamosa and flowers when he became champion. Can we not become sports lovers instead of champion lovers?
Nothing UNITED INDIA against Sri Lanka more than the day they were CHAMPIONS. Why do we always need someone against us to be united? The cricket world cup has possibly proved one point - we hate Pakistan more than South Africa or Sri Lanka. And I am against such unity where hatred is the foundation.

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