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Monday, September 26, 2011


Omar is hurt. India is showing too much of interest in his private life. He is not naughty, but people are calling him naughty at forty. Tharoor was equally hurt. So was Amir, and Azharuddin, and Gutta, and Saif. Tata also have complaints of people invading his private life. At this point, I am rewriting a story, least I forget it. In circa 2005, there lived a petite small young woman named Gudiya in a tiny village in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. Her husband, Arif, served the country as a soldier and was sent to Kargil as a sacrificial lamb. He disappered behind the veil of war and Gudiya was alone again. Five long years had passed. Everybody, including Gudiya, presumed Arif dead. More than 1500 lonely nights devoid of bodily heat had convinced Gudiya to marry again. So, she was wife again. This time of Taufeeq. The story became interesting when suddenly, as she was eight months pregnant, her soldier husband Arif, presumed dead, returned after he was released from a Pakistan prison. What happened after that would be very difficult to forget. The whole country had given opinion on what Gudiya needs to do, may be she did not asked for it. For weeks after weeks media debated future of Gudiya and postmortemed her past. Nobody asked her if she was hurt. And, finally Gudiya decided to remarry her first husband. Arif agreed to take the child as his own and nobody bothered about Taufeeq. After that India forgot Gudiya. [This part of the story is for you and the next generation] Gudiya gave birth to the child fathered by Taufeeq and soon become pregnant again. This time the father was Arif. But, the child was stillborn and Gudiya developed complications. Eventually, she died of septicemia on New Year's day of 2006. It is more than five years now. Nobody knows what happened to Arif, Taufeeq or the child they share between them. Fortunately, Tharoor, Amir, Saif, Omar, Tata and Azharuddin never felt hurt about Gudiya. And thankfully, Gudiya is dead.

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